"Bonnie and Clyde of underground rock. -- Loaded with ingeniously devised beats, it hammers out a unique rhythm deserved of many repeat performances."

 -  Eric Kohn, Indiewire on Sound of Noise 2010



Selected live performances

Music for one ballroom and six drummers - Melanie Griffith honorable dinner Cannes Film Festival 2001 

Music for one golden beetle and six drummers  - Golden Beetle Award Ceremony 2002

Music for one sing-along and six drummers  - Allsång på Skansen Swedish Television show 2004

Music for one Volvo and six drummers - Berlin Film Festival 2007

Music for one riviera and six drummers - Cannes Film Festival 2010

Music for Lübeck and six drummers - Closing ceremony Nordische Filmtage Lübeck 2010

Music for one movie screening and six drummers - Swedish Embassy Washington DC 2011

Music for three blenders and six drummers - Absolute event Cannes 2011

Music for one dance floor and six drummers - Moscow & Sochi 2012 

Music for one public bath and six drummers - Opening ceremony Lund 2013

Music for one You and six drummers - Studio Eurovision Swedish Television show 2013

Music for Malmö Opera and six drummers - Malmö Opera 2014-2015

Music for Mexico City and six drummers - Mexico City 2015

Music for Niagara and six drummers - Opening ceremony Malmö 2015

Music for one audience and six drummers - Interactive theatrical performance at Malmö Opera 2015-2016


"The basic premise of this delightful comedy from Sweden is one of the most imaginative you'll ever see. It's all based on music -- raw, elemental and percussive -- out of which genuine laughs are wrung from beginning to end."

 -  Peter Brunette, Holllywood reporter


Cannes Film Festival 2001

Cannes Film Festival 2001

"...a delightful comic cocktail of modern city symphony, police procedural and love story."

 -  Alissa Simon, Variety



Music for one apartment and six drummers

Official selection - Cannes 2001    Best Nordic film - Nordic Panorama 2001    Best film - Capalbio Film Festival 2001    Grand prize - Napa Valley Film Festival 2001    Audience Award - Göteborg Film Festival 2001   Honorable mention - Göteborg Film Festival 2001   City of Regensburg Film Award - Regensburg 2001   Audience Award - Regensburg 2001   Audience Award - Vendome Film Festival 2001   Special Prize of the Jury - Cinemae Short Film Festival 2001   Audience Award - Mecal Film Festival Barcelona 2001    Honorable Mention - Copenhagen Film Festival 2001   Special Prize of the Jury - Odense Film Festival 2001   Top 10 films - Sao Paulo Short Film Festival 2001   Audience Award - Vila do Conde Film Festival 2001    National Award: Golden Beetle Award 2002   Audience Award - Paris Film Festival 2002   Honorable Mention - Paris Film Festival 2002   Audience Award - Short Film Festival Réunion Island 2002   Ellen Award: Most Original Film - Aspen Shortfest 2002   Silver Key - Bratislava Art Film Festival 2002   Audience Award - Cambridge Film Festival 2002   Soleil d'Or - Best of Short Films Festivals La Ciotat 2002   Prix Special Collegiens - Festival Cinessonne 2002   European Award - Sequence Short Film Festival Toulouse 2002   Audience Award - Leuven Short Film Festival 2002   Honorable Mention - Festival Int'l Du Film Sur L'Art Montréal 2003   Best film - Festival Internacional de Cine del Uruguay 2003  Young Public Prize - International Film Festival of Aubagne 2004  Jury Award - Shenzhen Int'l Short Film Festival 2015

Sound of Noise

Selected for Semaine de la Critique 2010  Young Critics Award - 39th Semaine de la Critique 2010 Cannes   Rails d'Or - 39th Semaine de la Critique 2010 Cannes   Best Fantastic Picture - Fantastic Film Fest Austin 2010   Prix de Lʼoriginalité - Festival International du Film de Dieppe 2010   Prix du Lions Club - Festival International du Film de Dieppe 2010   Special Mention of the Jury - 43rd International Film Festival Sitges 2010   Free Spirit Award - 26th Warsaw Film Festival 2010  Audience Award - 26th Warsaw Film Festival 2010   Best Full-length Film - 40th Molodist Film Festival Kiev 2010   Audience Award - 40th Molodist Film Festival Kiev 2010   Baltic Jury Prize - 56th Nordische Filmtage Lübeck 2010   Jameson Film Music Award - Stockholm Film Festival 2010   Special Mention of the Jury - Palm Springs International Film Festival 2011   Newcomer of the year - Swedish Television Award 2011   Golden Beetle Award for Best Achievement - National Film Awards Sweden 2011   Fipresci Award Intl Film Criticʼs Prize - Sofia International Film Festival 2011


"Sound of Noise is a dry treat - a solid, self-aware cult pleasure."

 -  David DeWitt, New York Times


Six Surgeons

Six Surgeons


"I really can't say enough good things about this one."

 -  Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News